6 Minutes to Skinny Review – Can it help Lose Weight So Fast?

Diet programs and vigorous gym routines are not everybody’s cup of tea. Most people neither have the time nor the inclination to follow such regimes. Besides, giving up on all your favorite foods and feeling almost week and lethargic by the end of the day is simply not the right way to lose weight. Craig Ballantyne’s 6 Minutes to Skinny program pushes these bizarre and tedious workouts aside and instead replaces them with an easier and result-oriented technique.


Although results may wary, as to the time required, this program can be used by almost anyone. There are no harsh exercise regimes or strict diets to follow, but a simple routine to help get your metabolic rate to function smoothly. The basic idea is to get your fat burning cycles to work normally in the long run. 6 Minutes to Skinny helps you achieve this and the fact that it can do this with only 6 minutes of your time every day, makes it commendable.

6minstoskinnyreviewThe good thing is that the program comes with a scientific backing and proven evidence of its efficacy. It relies on a natural process of weight loss and awareness of what will work for your body well. There are no false claims or achieving the impossible propagated here. 6 Minutes to Skinny is no average weight loss program, it effectively helps you lose weight and at the same time maintain a diet that keeps you satiated while leaving you healthy.

Sugar as we all know is full of calories and one of the causes of health hazards such as high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity to name a few. Since sugar has such a refined taste, it is almost impossible to eliminate it from your diet. A controlled sugar diet is a more feasible alternative to completely getting rid of it. 6 Minutes to Skinny tells you which foods have healthy amounts of sugar that will please your palette and yet provide you with necessary nutrients.

The program, which comes in a PDF format, includes 4-Minute Miracles, 2-Minute Shakes, 7-Day Fast Start Guide, 8-Week Guide and a Special Nutrition Guide. So what are these inclusions you may ask? Starting with the fabulous system, the 6 Minutes to Skinny program is available in a digital download format. Its contents include a detailed written manual along with a set of explanatory videos that make it easy to follow the program step-by-step.

The 4-Minute Miracles is a series of metabolic boost exercises that take about four minutes to complete. 6 Minutes to Skinny disapproves of vigorous and unlimited hours of exercising and instead focuses on short exercises that are genuinely good for you. The 2-Minute Shakes is a set of recipes for metabolic boosting shakes. Together, the two provide a 6-minute daily routine for you that if followed correctly, can help you lose weight fast and without much effort.

There is nothing negative about 6 minutes to Skinny. Even the busiest of people can easily give 6 minutes of their time to the program.